1. The LosFuzzys CTF Team

    In 2014 some infosec interested students at TU Graz started playing CTFs under the name LosFuzzys. In the last year, thanks to stefan and a couple of other very motivated guys, we managed to get more people interested and the whole thing going. Checkout our site for write-ups and more …

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  2. hack.lu CTF 2014 write-up: Killy The Bit

    This was a fun challenge :) The setting was that the royal bank of Fluxembourg was hacked by Killy the Bit and now they set up a page to reset the user passwords. Because Killy owes us a favor we received the source code for the password resetting page. So the …

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  3. Web Security Hardening

    Last year during my summer internship I had the chance to catch up with current developments in Web-Security. In particular I had a closer look at mechanisms, that are used as a second line of defense or hardening mechanisms against common web attacks. I created drafts of blog entries describing …

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