About myself

  • Currently I am a research assitant/PhD Student at Univeristy Duisburg-Essen
  • I previously studied...
    • Secure Information Systems (BSc) at FH Hagenberg
    • Computer Science Master Course (with IT-Security as elective subject) at TU Graz
  • Primary interest is Information Security (previous research)


You can contact my via email, twitter or send me a letter. See the sidebar on the right for contact possibilities.

Encrypted Communication

I do use signal (Drop me a mail to request my signal number). I also have a keybase account (keybase.io/f0rki).


Even though I haven't received anything OpenPGP encrypted in years, you can contact me privately using my OpenPGP key or via keybase.io/f0rki. My current key is:

pub   rsa4096/0xFCF73FE736C732E4 2020-01-31 [SC] [expires: 2036-01-27]
Key fingerprint = 13E6 FE93 398E 4247 32EA  DB2E FCF7 3FE7 36C7 32E4

Old Keys

I previously used the following old keys: old key 1, old key 2

2048R/0x1813126B012A921C 2008-05-14 [expires: 2013-06-18]
Key fingerprint = B426 F19A 93CA 60EC 6E93  BABF 1813 126B 012A 921C

4096R/0xBCFEF3D1E4BC65A1 2013-06-16 [expires: 2016-06-15]
Key fingerprint = ECC5 1F7E DA2A 3E35 807B  CF42 BCFE F3D1 E4BC 65A1



personname:     Michael Rodler
street address: Ottmar-Pohl-Platz 5
postal code:    51103
city:           Köln
email:          contact ( at ) f0rki ( dot ) at

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